Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warning: PG Rated Post

Well, not really.
Last week, Ray, the guy who gave us our rabbits, called to request a favor. He wanted to know if we still had our rabbits (we do) and if he could bring over one of his females to mate with our male, Hemingway. We agreed.

So far we have not bred our rabbits. What to do with all those little bunnies?

 Anyway, we have Florida Whites, a smaller rabbit breed, around 5 lbs. Hemingway is even a little smaller maybe around 4 lbs or so. Ray brought over his female, Charcoal, a beautiful, dark gray, almost chocolate bunny. However, she is around 8 lbs, even bigger then our little Yorkie. Well, Hemingway was more than agreeable, and Charcoal was somewhat ambivalent, but not adverse to the attention. Poor Hemingway tried every which way he could, but just couldn’t connect. After a while he wore himself out without being successful. If you’ve ever seen rabbits mate…you know when they connect! So much for the term ******* like bunnies.

 Now, after this experience, we’ve decided to mate one our females, Bette, with Hemingway. Bette is our feisty bunny. She grunts and bats at you when you reach in her hutch. Ray said that mating her would probably calm her down. He also said that he would take two of the female babies, and help us place the rest. So, on to a new and exciting adventure.

Update: 09/05/2011 Today I think we were successful with Bette and Hemingway. So the first week of October we will see!

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