Monday, September 5, 2011

No-Knead 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This time for our challenge I decided to try a recipe that I’ve saved from the back of my King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour bag. I’ve always wanted to try it and it seemed like a good time. It is more of a batter bread and easy to mix up. After mixing it rises for 90 minutes.
 Well, of course I couldn’t just make it totally like the recipe. I didn’t have any orange juice, but I did have pomegranate juice left over from our last challenge, so I used that. The dough (or batter) rose well, but when baked it flattened out. I think that next time maybe I won’t let it rise for the whole 90 minutes. It tastes great toasted.

Until our next baking adventure.

BTW, some bounty from my garden.


RJ Flamingo said...

Looks like a perfect Pullman loaf, though! My bread baking lately, has been confined to mostly the HBin5 Soft Whole Wheat, my challah, and a vegan multigrain that I'm still perfecting.

Oh, I love those little yellow pear tomatoes - my favorite. Our season here in South Florida is opposite of yours, and I can't wait to start getting my garden space(s) rehabilitated for planting!

Judy's Bakery & Test Kitchen said...

Wow, now I know what that bread is like. Really nice. Do you use the Pullman pan?

beautiful tomatoes.

Guff said...

Nice bread and great looking tomatoes. (I have become addicted to Sungold.) Only one problem--no power tools!

Cathy (breadexperience) said...

Your bread looks great and those tomatoes look beautiful!

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