Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maple Oatmeal Bread and Quinoa Bread

This time around for our HBn5 assignment we made maple oatmeal bread, and quinoa bread.

I was looking forward to both, maple and oats.. yum, and I loves me some quinoa.

The maple oatmeal dough smelled really good while I was mixing it up. Maple syrup and cinnamon….duh! I found that it didn’t rise as quickly or as high as some other breads that we’ve done. When I took it out of the fridge and shaped it, it took longer to rise. It smelled wonderful while baking and I could hardly wait to dig in. The loaf came out nice I thought, but I didn’t feel that it had the taste I was expecting. While I am writing this, I am munching on some made into toast and schmeared with butter. Not bad, still not my favorite.

The quinoa bread is one of my favorites so far. I like quinoa, and so does MJOL, if I don’t tell him that’s what he is eating! This dough rose very well, before I put it in the fridge and after I shaped it. It had a nice crust and crumb and I liked the crunch of the quinoa. We had it last night with whole wheat rotini, and sauce made with roasted tomatoes from the garden.

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Until our next baking adventure.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Algerian Flatbread

For this HBn5 assignment I chose to do a loaf of WW bread, which was gone before I could get a picture, and the Msemmen. The spices smelled so good when I was mixing them up. My thought was that 3 tablespoons of olive oil was too much. When I rolled up the dough a lot of the spice mixture leak out; it was so runny. I was afraid that I had lost all of the flavor, but I was wrong. Great tasting bread with a kick from the cayenne that grew in the back of the mouth. MJOL liked it but did think it was a little too spicy.

Check out what the other bakers did over at Michelle’s Big Black Dogs.

I had an influx of tomatoes the last couple of weeks and have been scrambling to find things to do with them. I made and canned some salsa. I made and froze some stewed tomatoes and then I thought hmmm.. I think I'll try roasting. I cored, quartered and seeded them, added some olive oil, balsamic, and garlic. I roasted them at 275 for about 2 1/2 hours. The house smelled so heavenly I could barely stand it, and the sweet candy jewels. I froze them for use in those cold dreary winter months when tomatoes would taste so good.

Until our next baking adventure.