Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Additions

Well, I'm way late in posting this bread assignment. We now have some new additions to our family, three florida white rabbits. One male, Hemingway, and 2 females, Bette and Judy. Yes, they are in seperate hutches, so no baby bunnies until we decide. So, one excuse for not getting this post done sooner was that I was testing my carpentry skills building a shelter for the rabbits. Now, I never claimed to be that efficient with power tools, but it came out pretty well. A little off plumb, but then again, so I am; it fits right in!

The other excuse for not getting this post done was that I didn't have most of the ingredients for gluten free bread, and I knew that it would probably go over like a lead balloon, so I ducked out. Bad me. :) To see what the other bakers did with the bread check out their posts here,

Instead of the gluten free bread, I saw Ina Garten make some Irish soda bread that looked really good, so I made it. Although it's not leavened with yeast, it's still no knead. :) MJOL really liked it and so did I. The recipe is available on the Food Network website, here: It has a touch of orange and some currants. Very tasty.

I also made the soft whole wheat sandwich bread which was a big hit at our house. This time I used molasses instead of honey. I know, how awful since I'm a beekeeper, but I use honey all the time, so thought I would use something different. It was tasty, but I think I like it with honey better. :) I think that I'm a little partial!

For those of you not from Kentucky, we here in the Bluegrass are gearing up for The Kentucky Derby. All this week there are festivities, a parade, a steamboat race, hot air balloon races, chow wagons, concerts and lots and lots of parties. Yesterday Churchill Downs opened for the spring meet and we attended. It's always a lot of fun. Check out the goings on here: and be sure to watch the Derby on May 1st.

Until our next baking adventure.