Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whole Wheat Brioche

Since, so far in my baking adventures, I've never made brioche....gasp... I decided to keep it fairly simple. Hamburgers were on the menu for dinner, so buns were on the menu to bake. They came out really nice, great texture and very delish with the burgers. I only mixed up a half batch of dough, so with the rest I made a loaf. MJOL will like that for toast with breakfast.

I have to say that I really like the buttery, eggy flavor and texture of brioche. Why did I wait so long to add it to my baking ensemble? Check out what the other bakers did over at Michelle’s Big Black Dogs.

Last week the community garden hosted some students from a local school to get in the bee hives with me. It seems that bees really catch the imagination of the kids and that gives me a chance to relate the importance of the bees and their relationship to the food supply. That in turn helps establish the connection between food and the land and the land and the environment. Fun for all!

Until our next baking adventure.


Michelle said...

I was sort of scared to try Brioche so stayed away it for a long time. I heard nightmares about brioche but now I know that I should not have listened. Brioche is so easy to make and I've never had a problem with it.

But I've never made Hamburger Brioche Buns and they are now on on ToDo List!

Love to see you minding your Bees! The kids looks so cute all dressed up and I bet they enjoyed every minute with you!!

Aparna said...

I never thought of making buns with brioche dough! I shall next time. This dough is one of my favourites from the book.
And its easy to make. :)

Judy's Bakery & Test Kitchen said...

Hi Elwood,

I think of brioche as a more eggy challah. I make buns out of challah dough, but didn't think of it for burger buns. Great idea, especially since this recipe is about half whole grain!

Love your video! I found myself cheering and clapping when you came on the video! I also noticed that you are pretty brave--you aren't wearing beekeeper pants. Do the bees know not to sting you in the tush??? Must be really well trained by you! LOL.

And now I get a chance to see your harvest festival. Really neat! What a great way to build community and get to know your neighbors. I bet crime has gone down--knowing your neighbor is the best crimewatch program.

Go Elwood!!!

Carolyn™ said...

I thought brioche very forgiving as I was 1 1/3 cups short on the water and it still made up nicely. Yours look good.

Lisa said...

Yum! Looks tasty. I like the gathering of bee keepers,too.
The suits make for a great look in a bunch!

Guff said...

Nice buns! Loved the video. Saw that some used cinder blocks for raised beds, which is what I use for mine. Don't forget that you can put dirt in the holes and plant in them, too, maximizing your space.
We went to the Mother Earth Fair last weekend, and saw a T-shirt:
Beekeeper-If you see me running, try to keep up.

Cathy (breadexperience) said...

Great idea to use the brioche dough for hamburgers. I'll have to try that. Love the photo of all the beekeepers. Very nice.

Cristie said...

Very nice bread. I hadn't done brioche until I got into the Artisan books either, but it's all about expanding my horizons.

I have a little honey bee hive beginning in my back yard all on it's own and we're very happy about it. Do you think I could move it from my patio brick wall to a real hive?

Elwood said...

It's possible to move hives, but it is a little late in the year. Next spring would be a good time. If there is a local beekeeping club they are usually glad to help.

Tweety's kitchen said...

Great idea to make burger buns! I'm going to try the whole wheat brioche next time, though I hate using up so many of my eggs for it. I bet the kids had a blast. We went to a bee festival last year in Ohio and the highlight was the bee man covered from head to toe in a layer of bees. The queen bee was in a box hung around his neck to attract the other bees to him. It was amazing to watch!

Clarice said...

I love brioche buns for burgers (turkey at our house). Thanks for the bee photo, it's really interesting to see beekeepers in action!

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