Saturday, July 21, 2012

So, I’m finally getting around to using my birthday present from MJOL. A yogurt maker!
Heating the milk to 180 degrees, letting it cool to 110, then adding homemade blackberry jam, and a container of Greek yogurt. Placing the cute little jars in the base, setting the timer for 10 hours and waiting, and waiting and waiting…:) We’ll see how it goes (and tastes) by tomorrow.


I’ve been totally obsessed with canning the last few weeks. Trips to Huber’s for strawberries, peaches and blackberries. Then Kroger had cherries on sale for $1.99/lb and next plums .99/lb, how could I resist? Spiced strawberry, cherry, blackberry, peach and plum jam, then waiting to hear that satisfying “ping” when the jar seals. Worrying that the last one still hadn’t spoken to me, until finally “pop” and they all were done. Looking forward to a winter full of the harvest.