Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

I’ve always been a fan of a good sandwich. Piled high with meats and cheeses or grilled panini style with just cheese and a sliced tomato. Then of course, there’s the bread. So, when our esteemed mentor, Michelle, challenged us this month to create a sandwich, I was in a daze at all the possibilities. Then, there, on the Cooking Channel, was a new show I was watching called Not My Mama’s Meals with Bobby Deen. He was lightning up a pimento cheese recipe. I like pimento cheese and thought that I would try that.

Then, tragedy struck, of course I’m exaggerating, but MJOL developed a very large kidney stone that had to be removed by surgery through his back. Ouch. I’d never even heard of them doing that, but then again, I’d never heard of a one inch around kidney stone either. But finally after a one week hospital stay and a hefty amount of pain medication, all is on the mend. Now, back to the pimento cheese.

Instead of mayo, this recipe substituted non fat Greek yogurt. I love Greek yogurt, so it was a go. Diced up red and yellow pepper and jalapeno, chopped chives, shredded cheddar and low fat mozzarella, salt and pepper. Pretty easy. And it tastes great. Not your traditional pimento cheese, but it has a very nice flavor with a good bit of crunch. A great change of texture from the regular. Find the recipe here.

Isn’t the universe funny, as I’m typing this entry, I’m watching the Cooking Channel, (of course, I’m obsessed) and what should Kelsey’sEssentials be about…sandwiches!

Until our next baking adventure.


Sweet said...

Yummy! Glad that Mike is feeling better.

Cathy (breadexperience) said...

That looks really good! I haven't had pimento cheese in along time. Great photo!

JV said...

Hey, where's mine? Hold the jalapeno, though!

Lisa said...

Love PnC. It has been on the list to make for a couple of weeks. And I always have Greek
yogurt in the fridge! What a great idea! A little of this would be good with the salmon patties I posted earlier!
Yours is a beautiful presentation!

Guff said...

Pimento cheese has been pretty much off limits for a while, but now ......
And the kidney stone makes me cringe in sympathy.

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