Saturday, October 8, 2011

Food Truck Round Up

Last night MJOL and I hopped on down to the First Friday Trolley Hop. Mainly because we knew that there would be food trucks at the Main Street Garden. Now, given the chance, in a former life, I would be a food truck chef. They fascinate me. Don’t know why, but serving gourmet food out of a truck..could be fun.
 We decided to partake of Lil Cheezers. We both ordered the Caprese.  Mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic reduction and a little garlic, served on wheatberry bread. It was so very tasty. Alongside was a homemade curried catsup that I really enjoyed, sweet, a little spicy..yum. (MJOL was not such a fan.) The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the potatoes that came with. They were a little greasy, soggy and lukewarm. Could have left them off and it would have been fine. But, the sandwich made up for that. I was licking my fingers!

 Holy Mole truck was there,

along with Mozza Pi

and the San Diego Sandwich Works.

It was a beautiful evening and after eating we walked along Market Street and enjoyed all the festivities. We visited the Bodega, which was hopping at the hop, what a great place and we plan to return there soon. We watched a glass blowing and forming exhibition at Flamerun that was way cool. The artists made a large apple. We strolled past the Garage, man that place was jumping, and then stopped by the Fairness table to chat with Chris for a minute.

Bellies full and minds expanded we made our way home to get rested up for our Community Garden Harvest Festival happening this Sunday.

It was a great Friday night.

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Guff said...

That mobile wood fired pizza oven counts as serious power tools for me! Looks like a great time, the hardest part would be deciding where to eat.

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